Flying Fisherman Drift Matte Black Frame w/Copper Sunglasses

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Flying Fisherman Drift Matte Black Frame w/Copper Sunglasses

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flying fisherman drift matte black frame sunglasses

The Drift lenses are flared on the bottom for maximum peripheral coverage. The polycarbonate frames include super comfort, non-slip nose, and temple pads for all-day wear on the water and are available in Matte Black with Copper lenses.

They’re a great all-around pair of fishing sunglasses that meet both performance and comfort challenges.  Polarized Lenses Eliminate Glare and Reduce Eye Fatigue.  Polarized Triacetate Lenses are Impact and Scratch Resistant, Lightweight, and Durable.

AcuTint™ Lens Coloring System Adds Color Contrast Without Distorting Natural Colors, Allowing You To See More Clearly.  100% Protection From Harmful UVA and UVB Rays.  Limited One Year Warranty.

Flying Fisherman® Polarized Sunglasses are designed by fishermen for fishermen and are a quality alternative to expensive eyewear. Flying Fisherman® launched its line of polarized eyewear in 1985 after years of research and development in the Florida Keys, our home base since 1972. The extreme sun and harsh conditions in the Florida Keys, along with the tremendous variety of game fish, provide the best fishing opportunity in continental America, and phenomenal product testing grounds.

During the production of our sportfishing TV programs, polarized camera lenses were used to reduce glare and capture the action.  Sight fishing and deep-water action revealed the obvious need for polarized eyewear as well, just as local sportfishing professionals needed polarized sunglasses to do their daily job.  Add the three big reasons for "turn over" -- glasses being lost, scratched, or broken -- and we discovered a need for quality, affordable, polarized eyewear.

Every fishing environment out there, except for ice fishing, is available in the Florida Keys…from gin clear to brackish brown water, the deep blue Atlantic, sand and grass flats, and more.  It's here that top sportfishing professionals assist us every day in-field testing and developing new products...before we put the Flying Fisherman® brand name on them.


 The Quality Alternative to Expensive Eyewear

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are designed to provide quality, affordable polarized eyewear. More than 45 frame styles and a variety of AcuTint™ Sunlens options make up the collection from classic, traditional models to sleek wrap-around designs and mirrored lens treatments, Flying Fisherman sunglasses are both stylish and fully functional and offer uncompromising performance and value.

Polarization and UV Protection

Glare is caused by light waves reflected off surfaces like water, sand, snow, and pavement.  Flying Fisherman AcuTint™ lenses have a polarizing filter to absorb horizontal glare with minimal color distortion, enhance depth and clarity, and reduce eye fatigue. They provide maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays and meet or exceed FDA, ANSI, and European (CE) standards for general purpose eyewear.

Flying Fisherman drift matte black frame sunglasses

AcuTint™ Sunlenses

The color of the sunlens is critical to the ability of our sunglasses to perform under various conditions. Flying Fisherman's AcuTint™ sunlens system offers the most effective lens tints in the color spectrum.

The Flying Fisherman® AcuTint™ polarized lens coloring system uses a select blend of pigment to enhance color contrast without distorting natural color.  It also sharpens visual acuity, reduces eye strain, and eliminates glare.

Vermillion & Copper - Red based tints that provide excellent contrast and depth perception in low or flat-light conditions, and are favored for sight fishing and muddy water for maximum color definition.

 AcuTint polarized lens system

  • Hard coated for scratch resistance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Matte black frame with copper lens
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Free Shipping - Fast Delivery (2-8 days)

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