Certified Cruizer™ Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Blue Ray Computer and Gaming Glasses Screen Radiation Eyewear Office Gaming Blue Light Goggle UV Blocking Eye Spectacles!

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anti blue light sunglasses

If you are using your phone constantly, especially if you use it primarily for texting, e-mailing and web browsing, a convenient way to reduce your blue light exposure is to use anti-blue computer glasses. These special-purpose glasses are available without an eyeglass prescription if you have no need for vision correction or if you routinely wear contact lenses to correct your eyesight. 

light extravagance

light frame, comfortable, no nose pressureImperative to protect your eyesblue light damage

blue light can cause visual fatigue

Comes in four styles - Matte Black, Fashion, Street & Retro Design

Black Matte with clear or yellow lens

computer gaming glasses anti blue rays

glasses dimensions

Model H 8084 blue coating

Computer blue light blocking glasses styles

Retro design

black matte with clear or yellow lens

art in walking

concise, lithe, comfortable glasses

Fashion design

brown fashion design computer blue light glassesbrown fashion blue light glasses

Street Fashion

The most fashionable blue light blocking glasses in the market, give you a super great stylish look.

clear image

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