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Certified Cruizer brings the tools you need to have the adventure of your life.  Outdoor gear to enjoy nature up close and personal.


Ask good questions... Make good choices...  Live Aloha

The Egotistical Humanitarian

To life and those that live it.

Certified Cruiser

You have roughly 30,000 days to live your life...so what are you doing today?

Certified Cruiser™ 2 Person Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Double Hammock Certified Cruizer™ Ultralight Emergency Sleeping Bag Naturehike Ultralight sleeping bag Cloud Up Series Ultralight Camping Tent by Naturehike

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Best way to get back in touch with nature. Find your camping gear here.

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Pursuit of Happiness

Tools that you don't want to be without

Live life with adventure, but that doesn't mean that you have to do without the comforts of home.

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Certified Cruiser's Guide to Health, Wealth, and Wisdom



Healthy Choices and Daily Habits.  Functional Fitness, Healthy Diets, and Holistic/Alternative Medicines for Long Life.

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Entrepreneurial Options, Passive Income, Fiscal Management, & Debt Reduction for financial freedom.  Maximize money, time & health.

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Ask Good Questions, Make Good Choices. Live Your Purpose.  Personal Development, Relationship Management, & Lifelong Learning.

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