Waterproof Dry Bag Outdoor Sports Storage Pack

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Naturehike Waterproof Dry Bag Pouch Outdoor Sports Drift Rafting Kayaking Storage Pack

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Item: Waterproof Dry Bag
Material: Waterproof 
Color: Blue, Orange, Green, White
Capacity: 2L, 5L
Size: 2L(18x28cm), 5L(27.7x37cm)
Use: Travel, River trekking, Drafting, Drift, Swim, etc.

- Made of high-intensity waterproof fabric, durable.
- Perfect use for swimming, drifting, and other water sports.
- Easy to use, just roll and fold up sealing to lock it.
- It can hold a purse, compass, cellphone, etc during water sports and provide protection to them.

Package Included:
1 x Waterproof Dry Bag Pouch