Portable Solar Power Bank 8000mAh

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Waterproof 8000mAh Portable Solar Charger Dual USB Battery Power Bank - Blue

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Portable Solar charger 8000mAh power bank
Solar power bank
solar power bank colors
solar power bank
solar power bank orange
solar power bank yellow
solar power bank input and output
solar power bank size
solar power bank package

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- Built-in high quality environment-friendly Li-ion rechargeable batteries with large capacity and high conversion rate of 88% on average.
- Long lifespan with about 300 times of charging and discharging.
- With the solar panels on the upper side, it can absorb solar power into electricity.
- With LED light for emergency use, just gently double-click the power button to turn it on.
- With dual USB output interface which charges 2 mobile phones at the same time, and the charging port is water-proof and dust-proof.
- With a carabiner so it`s portable in the outdoor activities, and it`s rechargeable at any time when there is sunlight.
- Wide applicability, very easy to use as a normal power bank, it can be applied to most of the electronic equipment like smartphones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PSP game consoles, so its a nice stand-by power source when in long-distance travel.
How to Charge:
- Solar charging, place it under the sun and it will be charged.
- Connect it with the USB cable to a 5V USB charging port on an adapter, computer or the others. 
- The indicator light will be on when it`s full-charged.
- When you use it for the first time, please get it fully charged to get the best lifespan of the batteries.
- When the battery indicator turns off when charging other devices, it means you should charge the power bank need timely charging.
- When in use, please turn on the electronic device screen and make sure the charging connection flag displaying correctly which ensures normal work.
  • - Product Name: Solar Power
  • - Material: Plastic
  • - Color: Black, orange, green, yellow
  • - Size: Approx. 6.3"x3.0"x0.6"
  • - Batteries Type: Lithium-ion polymer batteries
  • - USB Input: 5V
  • - USB Output: USB1: DC 5V 1A, USB2:  DC 5V 2A
  • - Power Capacity: 300000mAh
Package Included:
  • 1x Solar Power
  • 1x Carabiner
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Box

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